About Meredith

I've been working with my hands for as long as I can remember. Founding Meredith May Art and creating these ceramic pieces has been a long time in coming. It truly brings everything together from the journey of my art.

I've floated through different stages of making things and creating. The list starts with me making beads from magazine pages in my childhood bedroom, learning to sew from my mom, studying interior design, owning a pottery store front and selling clay, teaching painting classes, teaching art in public schools, trying to sell cards on Etsy... the list goes on.

I've landed here, in this corner of the web, by chance. In all honestly, everything just came together at the right time-- with the right studio space at my house, with the right style finally coming through my pieces, with the right encouragement from other business owners. I'm so happy to be making things and be getting them into your hands. My house would be too full if I had to keep everything!

Personally, I love neutral styles that are easy on the eyes and that can be incorporated into different trends and homes. My hope is that you embrace the process and beauty of buying handmade and that you find something here that you like!

Made from my home to enjoy in yours.